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My son has turned 10! Where have the years gone? It was a glorious day with my sister and her family visiting from California and a few friends hanging together in the backyard. We had a kids party and now this is the adult version. Like all our parties it ended with a water fight where the birthday boy took a lot of hosing and a bucket of water on his head. I played around with my camera settings to get a lot of noise ( AKA Grain for film lovers ) I like the results.

Leslie and Bill were married on a gorgeous day in New York. What a fantastic day for them. They really had a great time. It is great to visit Clinton country because The Kittle House is in Chappaqua New York. I was driving to The Kittle House looking all around hoping to see President Bill jogging or something. It never happened but what I did witness is a great couple and a fabulous venue.  Joe Delia and The Allstars was the band and they really rocked the house!

We celebrated my wife’s grandfather’s 95th birthday this past weekend!  You don’t see too many greeting cards with 95 on it, he is amazing. Bill Hodgkinson actually worked with my father as a graphic artist with Pepperidge Farm. When he heard I was the one courting his grand daughter he thought it was awesome. Buppa still mows his lawn and does a lot of work around the house. He commanded a patrol boat for the Canadian Navy and has awesome war stories. He loves baseball and was a coach for Westport Little league for 20 years. He has given me many pointers and great advice. Your all invited to his 100!

I had to dig deep to get these prints out. Like so many people I have a ton of pictures. The toughest part is organizing them. These images were taken in Volendam The Netherlands in 2002. Volendam is a real great city where the locals still wear vintage Dutch costume. I felt in honor of the opening of the world cup I would share these family portraits with you. Hup Holland!

Volendam, The Netherlands

Charlie and Amy were married at Splash restaurant in Westport. I have known Charlie for over 20 years. He is the owner of Teddy’s Limousine and we have done many weddings together. Check him out at The wedding was fantastic! Gorgeous day with lots of great food and friends. I love Westport.