Covid 19 has had such a huge effect on everyone. The wedding industry was no different. Jessica and Scott were planning to get married with friends and family in Florida but this has been postponed due to travel restrictions cause by Covid. The answer? A small civil service at Compo Beach officiated by Westport’s Avi Kaner.

Rock and shells make the perfect background

Avi Kaner looking over his notes
different times for sure
They love each other
The Connecticut Shoreline is a perfect backdrop
looking into the future

I had the opportunity to photograph a great abstract artist, David Stephen Johnson at his home. The purpose of the shoot was to show the artist in his environment and get a few portraits for an upcoming show. The portraits were to be used as promotional materials for print and website. We were in a tight crunch because The Hamptons Virtual Art Show needed the images right away.

I felt very comfortable shooing David. He was very easy to get along with and had interesting stories growing up. Here are some images that I took

It has been a rough few weeks, I must say. Since Governor Lamont deemed my business a non essential business, the phone has stopped ringing. There are some bright spots though. I have been learning new photography techniques through podcasts, and webinars. We are staying in touch with other photographers on Zoom and face timing friends and family.

I am listening to what many professionals say that you should do. I am getting better at quick books, I cleaned up my website and I have looked into new ways to market my business. One product that I offer that has been successful at these times is the video walk through that I shoot. I clean off my cameras and gear with sanitizer every time I use them. ( by now I have the cleanest cameras in the world ). I wear a mask and gloves and the house is vacated by everyone except myself. Here is a sample.

I enjoy shooting interiors. Light, bright and clean.
Different angles showcasing the interior
I like to show multiple rooms in a shot but also include neat angles
Bathrooms have a lot of reflections, but you can use this to your advantage.
The straight on shot. Lines and composition. Very nice.

While under quarantine I have been offering these gorgeous Plexiglass photos of Westport, Norwalk and Fairfield. They are perfect for display so while your stuck inside now you can see your gorgeous town all of the time. Please support your local arts, there is no income coming in now and we need your help. You can order prints online from here.

I order 200 business cards every year. I really look forward to making these little works of art with all our info on them. With COVID-19 I did what everyone suggested that I do. Stay inside as much as possible, take seminars to learn new techniques in your field and concentrate on your marketing. I thought this would be a good time to create my new business cards. So I went to my business card people. Moo. I felt that I created a very nice card and couldn’t wait to give it to my first person.

Since my profession was deemed unessential I felt that this might be a tough time to hand one off. But I am allowed to photograph empty houses, so here was my chance. The call came in to photograph a home in Greenwich and I got very excited to shoot again. Mask on face, gloves on hands and sanitized camera equipment and I was ready to go. The client stood 6 feet away and I said to him. Here is my business card, I will put it on the table. This was probably the worst thing that I could have done.He looked at me like I as crazy and said, no thanks, I don’t want it. He said he didn’t know if the cards had been sanitized.

my new Cards