Will we ever need business cards again

I order 200 business cards every year. I really look forward to making these little works of art with all our info on them. With COVID-19 I did what everyone suggested that I do. Stay inside as much as possible, take seminars to learn new techniques in your field and concentrate on your marketing. I thought this would be a good time to create my new business cards. So I went to my business card people. Moo. I felt that I created a very nice card and couldn’t wait to give it to my first person.

Since my profession was deemed unessential I felt that this might be a tough time to hand one off. But I am allowed to photograph empty houses, so here was my chance. The call came in to photograph a home in Greenwich and I got very excited to shoot again. Mask on face, gloves on hands and sanitized camera equipment and I was ready to go. The client stood 6 feet away and I said to him. Here is my business card, I will put it on the table. This was probably the worst thing that I could have done.He looked at me like I as crazy and said, no thanks, I don’t want it. He said he didn’t know if the cards had been sanitized.

my new Cards