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Beach House Shuffle

I shoot a lot of real estate photography and I really enjoy it. It takes me to exotic places and I get to see some fantastic homes. The Beach House Shuffle was an idea by Judy Michaelis of the Judy Michaelis Group. A local realtor with a brilliant idea.

Judy chose a house tour of 4 homes all within walking distance. House 1 at Compo Beach was a nice meeting place where waters were handed out, stretching took place and we all got to meet our personal trainers. they were from GOAT fitness and they worked everyone out on the tour of the 3 remaining houses. On the walk to each house, they would stop the group and then proceed to motivate all to run in place, step up on walls and engage in calistetics.

At the last house a home built by Milton Builders and one that I photographed for Jillian Klaffs, lunch was served and catered by Westport’s new food source, Mystic Market. Judy handed out beach shuffle hats and everyone had champagne on the rooftop deck to enjoy the view and conversation.

I photographed this event with a mixture of cameras. One was my Canon 5d mark3 and the other was my leica mseries camera. I used the leica for mny of the stills and used my Canon to capture video. the quality is exceptional.

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