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I photographed Joe Farrell for Westport Lifestyle Magazine. He is the owner and creator of Rothbard Ale + Larder. I have met Joe a few times before this shoot so we were both were very comfortable with each other.Many times you will not have this luxury and then you will have to find something in common or something that they enjoy so you can get them to be comfortable with you taking their photograph.

The staff at Rothbard was prepared for me when I arrived. We shot Joe behind the bar for a few and then we did some images at a table, where Joe sat and ate with some friends. I always add additional shots or vignettes of the place I am shooting because you never know if your going to use the images in a blog or maybe instagram.

At the end of this shoot, Joe let us eat all of the sausage and wurst. it was fantastic.

Food is so good!
Joe Farrell

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