Monthly Archives: February 2016

I was asked to shoot images for Seamens Moving with a couple of Bridgeport Sound Tigers players. This shoot will be on billboards in New York and Connecticut The shoot was one of the coldest days I could remember. Even though there was no snow on the ground it felt like it was -50.The wind was killer and after 20 minutes I think I had frost bite. The players Kevin Czuczman and Loic Leduc were fine, I think they were used to the cold.



Reyes is my neighbor from down the street. She called me and asked whether I did passport pictures. I don’t know if you have seen my website, but I do just about everything with a camera. Product,  people and places. I even fly a drone for some cool aerial stuff. Reyes wanted an image that would be better than what local passport places took. I said no problem. I usually get the Canadian, British and Dutch Passports because the local shops can not print the specific sizes needed by each government. The nice thing about Reyes, is that she remembered my mom and how they used to walk their dogs together and talk. It was a very nice surprise to have her stop by and catch up.



Fairfield County is home to many fine restaurants. One of my favorites is Southport’s Artisan Restaurant. I have photographed many events their and I really enjoy the atmosphere and the elegant back drops. The lighting itself is really nice. I feel the fixture bulbs and the ceiling reeds are really cool. Casey and Clinton had their wedding ceremony upstairs and said their vows in front of the fire place. It was a very intimate ceremony with family only. Afterwards, a hundred and fifty guests partied until the music died. My high school friend Paul Locano of James Daniel’s Entertainment  was the wizard spinning music for the guests. Pure fun.23456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536

Today’s snow fall made our yard into a winter wonderland. Of course I have to feed the chickens first. And I love the way the snow sits on my dad’s apple trees, it never gets old.