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Ray and Maria Stata Center

On a shoot in Boston this past week, I decide to stop by The Ray and Maria Stata Center located on The MIT Campus in Cambridge, Ma. I was not disappointed. I think I found the structure at the perfect time of day. Right before sunset where  the shapes and shadows came out really nice. Architect Frank Gehry received a lot of  criticism for designing the building. I feel it is very unique and creative.

“Boston Globe architecture columnist Robert Campbell wrote a glowing appraisal of the building on April 25, 2004. According to Campbell, “the Stata is always going to look unfinished. It also looks as if it’s about to collapse. Columns tilt at scary angles. Walls teeter, swerve, and collide in random curves and angles. Materials change wherever you look: brick, mirror-surface steel, brushed aluminum, brightly colored paint, corrugated metal. Everything looks improvised, as if thrown up at the last moment. That’s the point.”



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