Monthly Archives: November 2013

Christina and Michael were married at The Water’s Edge in Westbrook. It brings wonderful memories every time I go there. I remember a wedding I photographed and all the guests were seated and a huge rain cloud showed up just as the bride was about to walk to the beach. With that, everyone jumped up and ran back up the hill. The sun then came out and the manager had his crew wipe off all the chairs. All the guests went back to their seats. The bride was just about to step out the door when another raincloud interrupted. The guests all jumped up and ran back up the hill, even the trio was running up the hill with the violin and cello.¬† I overheard the manager saying, ” I don’t care if it is sunny and beautiful, this ceremony is going to be inside.” It was the right call.


I photographed Elisabeth for her senior high school portrait and we really had a great time. Everything was photographed in my yard, I love the wood pile as a background I think I might use it for our Holiday card. I photographed Elisabeth’s sister last year check out the blog we did on her here¬† Emily.


Cassandra wanted me to have her and Massimo together on a thank you card with fire works exploding behind them. I was like, that is no problem. Then she asked weather I could have heart shaped fire works. I thought to my self no way. But then I said anything is possible, lets google it. Voila, here it is. Amazing what you can find on google.


Compo Beach is the location for many of my family portraits. It is very convenient for me, I live on Compo Rd, and the kids really dig it. Here are some samples of this falls groups.