Woodway Beach Club Wedding

Some weddings are unforgettable. Courtney and Phillip’s wedding will forever be in my memory. The weather, the people, the venue, it was all good. Real good. The ceremony and reception took place at The Woodway Beach Club in Stamford. The really cool part of the ceremony was that they installed a mini tent where the limo pulled up and dropped the bride off in it so no one could see her before the ceremony. Then, on que, Courtney stepped out of the tent and walked down the aisle. After the ceremony we flew through pictures because an enormous cloud was on it’s way. Ten seconds after my last shot there was torrential downpour. The rain did not last long and we were fortunate enough to get some really cool shots of the interior. My favorite picture is of Phillip emptying Courtney’s shoe of sand after pictures. The band. Oh my…. what a great band this is… The Downtown Fever Band out of New York, they were totally awesome. Then the groom takes the drums during a break and his band starts jamming like the best tunes I had ever heard. I guess it was the moment, but I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work some really excellent weddings. The dress? The Plumed Serpent. Simply gorgeous.