Monthly Archives: September 2011

First it started with an engagement sitting.

After the engagement session Michael and Kelley were married with a reception at The Redding Country Club.

And now, Michael and Kelly are picking up their album and showing me their new bundle of joy! It is amazing what can happen in a year!

I can write a novel about Jackie and Mike’s Wedding, but I like to keep my blogs short. It was a very exciting wedding! The night of Irene, tension in the air, and the bride and groom were as cool as a cucumber. The wedding took place at Hidden Valley in Washington Depot. What a fantastic venue! Regine is the owner of Hidden Valley and I was immediately taken in by her awesomeness. She happens to be Dutch too, which is what my family background is. She was very kind listening to my bad Dutch. Thanks Regine! No wind, or snow, or hurricanes can keep me from capturing such a delightful wedding.

See to see Regine Laverge- Schade’s wonderful venue.

I know it is just a picture of a mound of dirt, but it symbolizes a lot for Pepperidge Farm. The Farm is expanding its footprint and introducing a new innovation center. What does that mean for all of us? More goodies! Pepperidge means a lot to me, my father worked there for over 25 years. I love this company and they all make me feel very welcome. The CEO of Pepperidge, Pat Callaghan, is one of the nicest gentleman I have ever met. He always says something nice about my dad when I see him. Campbell Soups newest President and CEO Denise Morrison, Norwalk’s Mayor Richard Moccia¬† and State representative Bob Duff were all in attendance for a nice dirt throw. Congratulations Pepperidge, but never replace The Milano!

I do not force couples to do engagement photos but I really do push a lot. The main reason is it is a lot of fun, we get to know each other a little better and we get some fun pictures. The beach is very challenging because there is usually no cover as far as shade goes. The highlights are really blown out from the bright sun. But if you use a little imagination, you can put it all together in a nice series of images. Alison and Alex were so much fun to work with. We ended our shoot at The Burr Homestead in Fairfield. The cement bench is my favorite.

My dad always referred to being a photographer is like working at Disney Land. I always understood what he meant by this. It is so much fun meeting new people and having them let me take their photographs. Angela has five lovely children who never stopped running, jumping and playing around. Angela tried to convince me to go for number 5- since I have four- but I have to say, four is enough. We talked about shooting at the beach, but after seeing their awesome layout in New Canaan, I knew home is where they wanted to be.