Monthly Archives: April 2011

I love photographing people. My favorite part of shooting is listening to the stories that people tell. I always have a story to tell them also. Life is full of emotion and places where it all takes place. Heather and Ben live in DC and they are getting married this summer in Westport. The nice thing about engagement shoots is that it allows us the opportunity to get to know each other so the day of the wedding we are like close friends. We enjoyed a nice spring day at The Waveny in New Canaan, what a great spot to take pictures.

Easter is such a great holiday. Spending time with family, going to church, eating eggs and chocolate…. it really does not get any better. The weather cooperated and through my egging on ( mind the pun ) created a motocross mud pool in our friend’s backyard. The kids had a blast. We had an egg hunt and I will save you the time of seeing another picture of kids scurrying for little goodies. Instead, here is a few pictures of the day I hope you enjoy. Happy Easter!

I photographed Jessica’s Family on Compo Beach in Westport and it was a fantastic event! Griffin and Buckley are adorable little guys who just adore their mom. We were lucky to get a real nice April day in Connecticut. After this winter, this was the perfect day. I love to capture the traditional family shots, but I also like to get them to have fun and enjoy their surroundings. How hard can that be with the beach and the water?

Greg and Karen were married at The Inn at Longshore with a very unique entrance for the groom. He rode his bicycle down the aisle! Greg is my hero! I would have loved to have done that at my wedding, but the church would not have it. Oh well, maybe at my 25th anniversary. I love hearing the life stories my clients have to tell, and Greg and  Karen were no different. I really felt a nice connection with them. As you can tell, Greg really enjoys riding bikes. He is involved in a cycle club that rides all over Fairfield County. Karen is involved in The Westport Runner’s club, they meet every Saturday morning and run…. run, run. Then they all meet at Great Cakes in Westport for coffee. I keep saying I will join, but the Little League games always get in the way.

Flowers: Flowers by Danielle

Cake and pastries: Great Cakes

Venue: The Inn at Longshore

I have known the owner of Oscar’s for a very long time. My favorite image of him was after The Westport Memorial Day Parade. he was riding an antique bicycle with a flower basket on the front end, cruising down main street. It was probably the only time I did not have my camera with me. So bummed I missed it, but it will always be in my memory. He is by far one of the nicest man I have ever met, the funniest also. He also let me shoot and design his website for him. Check out his website at and don’t forget, he makes the best sandwiches in the world!