Monthly Archives: August 2010

Ali had her Bat Mitzvah at The Birchwood Country Club in Westport. I was fortunate enough to capture her and her family having a great celebration. This is the second Mitzvah I photographed for their family. I feel it is the greatest compliment when you get the opportunity to cover multiple events within a family. I feel really connected and appreciated when this happens. I hope when they are ready to get married, I will get the call.

I found a new gem in Boston. I was so used to going in and just visiting Fanueil Hall. But Boston is much more than that. I love Boston, and it helps when you have  someone who grew up there. Our guide was my brother in law Jay who grew up in the neighboring town of Hull. I discovered the North End and the Freedom Trail where we took a tour of the old sites of Boston. Every time I visit Boston it seems like the Redsox are out of town. So this time I decided to see Fenway Park without them. My boys and I took a tour of the old ball park and we were told never to call the famous wall monster, but Green Monsta! We visited my wife’s best friend and her family Michele and Ben. Michele is an amazing special event consultant  in  the Boston area. Check out her site at

Luz and Felix were married at The Waveny. The Waveny is in New Canaan and it is an old mansion with gorgeous grounds. It is perfect for a wedding. I tried to get married here but they were booked for two years! Luz and Felix had a fantastic time with an incredible salsa band playing some awesome music. They rocked! It was very hot but that did not seem to bother anyone. Congratulations to a great couple!

Let me see. What can we do today after work? I was sitting on the back porch with my lovely wife Liz talking about life, when an eighty foot Oak tree fell down in the middle of our back yard! We just sat back in awe as this tree just crushed my wheel borrow and destroyed our plastic pool. As you can see I had many helpers to clear it all away. Then, my ultimate neighbor called me and the kids over to give his race car it’s maiden voyage down Gault Park. Damon made the car himself and I called it Chitty Bang Bang. Damon is a contractor and if you ever need anything built, he is the man. More on the maiden voyage to come. I might have to show you a video next time. Now this is excitement in Westport.