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ICR is a strategic communications company that helps business’s with their branding, public relations and investor relations. Each year they hold a conference in Orlando Florida where companies tell investors and analysts about what they did this past year and what their future plans are.

My job as the photographer was to unobtrusively capture all of the sessions and provide ICR with professional photos for documenting the conference and future marketing use. The toughest part for me was making sure we got every speaker and making sure the color correction was right. ICR has gorgeous displays of all sorts of colors. It is really something to see and to hear. I listened as much as I can and the CEO’s of the companies were so inspiring to listen to.

Each night ICR would have a celebration at the hotel where the executives would relax and have fun. I even got some great pictures of the great OZ Pearlman perform. Just amazing.

The banners and graphics are really nice.
natural and unobtrusively capture the event.
The conversations were very interesting
graphics on flat screens were helpful and kept everyone engaged.
The information booth was very helpful in a very fast paced environment.
plenty of good weather and spots to “catch up”
Professionals running the show, making sure everything runs smoothly.
Back to business.
Analysts and investors were allowed to ask questions and engage.
There were also many panel discussions.
Every speaker captured.
What an incredible entertainer Oz Pearlman was he had us all in disbelief.
3 days 3 nights Grande Lakes Orlando
Guy Raz as the keynote speaker
More great spots to “catch up”
a lot of media
Business after hours
and the food??? truly amazing!!

Yes. It is now a new decade and branding your business or re branding your business with photography is a very smart idea. I can parachute into your business and capture images that will tell your clients who you are and what you do. A nice mix of portrait photography candid photography and my experience shooting interiors gives you a nice mix of images to use.

On this shoot I was hired to capture the opening of Pinstripes. It is a nice Italian style restaurant that features an open floor plan and bowling. I started out with interiors knowing that there would be a large crowd as the night got longer. I really enjoy the challenge of producing images that capture a business and it’s personality.

Pinstripes is located in the new Sono Collection in Norwalk

The bar area at Pinstripes
Bowling is offered
I love the murals above the pins
showing the space
The dining area
intimate booths
what a great bar
The out door space features a fire pit and lounge area
open kitchen where you can see the chef cook
everybody having a great time
fun for all ages

I photographed Penny’s husband last year for a business portrait and they were so happy that they hired me to photograph their family at Paci Restaurant in Southport. I wanted to show this because I was on site maybe a half hour and it didn’t take long to get the images needed to make the client happy. Granted it was a Sunday and there was a storm outside, but I learned at a young age to take the world as I find it.

The newly married couple cozy up in the restaurant
a few images to show the casual conversation
the posed pictures for the parents
I always try to get a shot of everyone….here it is.

Objective. To show newly landscaped backyard with an appealing fall setting. My job was to shoot with natural light at a time where the light is soft and not too harsh. Grab vignettes of details and overall look of the landscaping. I do like shooting these types of jobs at twilight to add drama, but I think with this soft light,it really came out nice.

nothing like morning light
love the sound of these fountains, so soothing
A nice mix of wide and close ups
The pergola
view looking out front
can’t forget the grill
layers of texture
ornamental grass
always thinking design

High in the mountains of Monroe Connecticut is a real nice park called Webb Mountain.It is here that I was the behind the scenes photographer for Swiss Army. The company. My job was to photograph all of the products that were being taped for video commercials. There were plenty of products that were not in the commercial but I photographed anyway.

red back pack
the woods provided a very nice backdrop
selfie from the director