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So I get this call to shoot a party but what McKinsey wanted was a studio set up with a white background and get some Vanity Fair type shots. I was so excited to get my speedotrons out the door for this one. The event was at The Stamford Yacht Club which is a great place to be. We had a lot of room to shoot. I used a 4 lamp set up with soft box and light modifiers. The nice thing about this is that I posted the images up that night and gave them an access code so they can download their faves. I guess you could compare it to a photo booth, but so much more fun and interactive. Here are a few images.



The 29th annual Westport Historical Society’s holiday house tour took place this past weekend. I was asked to photograph one of the house’s for Mersene. She is a fabulous Westport Designer. The Historical Society has 5 houses on the tour, each house’s interior is an open canvas for designers and florist to show there talent in creating a showcase of the house. Our house was on Kings Highway North and I really enjoyed photographing it. The house was built in the 1930’s and it has been newly renovated. The gardens were incredible and I got an invite to go back in the spring. I will definitely check it out.



Anna and Seth were married at The Woodway beach Club. The day was a perfect one, bright blue skies and an excellent model bride. The wind was a little tough to work around, but we managed to block a lot of it. Make up was done by Ellela Cosmetics from Greenwich. The Woodway Beach Club is a fabulous place to shoot. Since I am from Westport, I am very  used to shooting on the beach. It has such a nice clean graphic look. I shot Seth and Anna’s engagement in the winter, you can view this post by clicking here.



Sarah and Dennis were married at The Stamford Yacht Club. It is such a gorgeous venue. The dock and the beach are so fabulous. About 20 years ago, my father suggested that we go on the roof and shoot the whole party. Now every time I go to The Stamford Yacht Club, they suggest we go and shoot from the roof. I smile to myself thinking if my dad had only known this. The bride snuck off halfway through the reception and changed into cowboy boots, Dennis loved it! The groom had a surprise of his own. He is an awesome  harmonica player and he joined the band for a cool jam session.



I visited the  Netherlands with my son and my camera and here are just a few shots. I have a bunch of good tourist snaps riding bikes together, but I thought this is a nice representation of a fun getaway. It has been 10 years since my father passed away and I wanted to show Case, my son, his ancestry and the tree we planted for my father when he passed away.


The grows in Walem