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I love weddings! I love Mitzvahs! I love birthday parties and family gatherings! I also love corporate events! I was fortunate to have Westport’s Hunter Muller have me photograph his companies corporate event in New York City at the  Harvard Club. This is my second time at the fabulous spot in New York. Hunter is the owner of HMG Strategy and his meetings bring the best of the best to talk about Technology in the business environment. How CEO’s work with CIO’s and how to stay motivated in this tough economic environment. I learn so much just listening while I shoot.

I love this job! Here is another Bat Mitzvah! Back to back at The Inn At Longshore. I can not get enough of it. I wish I could be at Longshore every weekend. Bella had her Mitzvah on one of the coldest days in Connecticut but she was a real trooper. There were no complaints when I asked her to go outside with her friends and take a few pictures. Bella and her friends even took off there shoes and hammed it up. The luncheon was catered bt Garelick And Herbs, then we had an evening bash at The Inn at Longshore.

Hannah had her Mitzvah this week and it was such a great time. First we photographed her at the Beema and then we had a party that same evening. The party was at The Inn at longshore where I always enjoy the staff’s finest treatment. Big Daddy from Jame’s Daniels Entertainment  was the DJ. I love Big Daddy. I have known him for over 20 years. Boy that makes me sound old.

New York City two times in one week! Peter and Nancy were married at St Patrick’s Cathedral and what a gorgeous day it was. I love New York weddings! After the ceremony we joined 100 of the bride and groom’s family and friends for a great party.

I had a PUG ( pictage user group, or us photo geeks) meeting in New York and of course I had to get a couple of shots off. I always bring my camera everywhere I go. I love The Chrysler Building, it is by far my favorite building in the world. Yes, even better than The Eiffel Tower.  I met a real nice group of  New York Photographers and I learned a lot about shooting in the city.