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The secret is out now. I love Burrying Hill Beach. My kids love playing there, the cookers are always available and the jetty is really cool. Their are fisherman trying to get the catch of the day and then there is me with my camera grabbing pictures of a couple’s engagement photos. You have to check out on top of the hill, there is a big grass field for wiffel ball and soccer. Don’t tell anyone I told you. Enjoy.

Judy and Mark were married this past weekend at The Red Barn in Westport. I have known the Crowley family for many years. I was so happy they had me as their photographer. The day was gorgeous and the bride looked fabulous. Yes, the groom did also. It was a very intimate setting with their closest friends. Congratulations on your wonderful wedding!

Finally! I don’t usually write about equipment but now that I waited three months to get my baby repaired I feel I have to. The shutter on my Leica M8 busted so I had to get it repaired. It was worth the wait. The great thing about this camera is that it is really small so I can get nice candid shots and be very unobtrusive. The quality is awesome. The lenses are unbelievable and I can shoot wide open and blow out the back ground. Here are some test shots with my boys in the backyard. I am so happy to be back with my Leica.

Carolyne and Joseph were married at the Inn at Longshore. I can’t say enough of how nice it is to shoot at The Inn. I always try to get a shot of the whole party. I bring my 8 foot ladder and at the end of cocktail hour climb to the top and take the photograph with that real awesome background. Don’t worry, I have never fallen off.

Laura and Eric were married on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Laura was not ready when I arrived so I chatted with the father of the bride about my second favorite subject. Dutch soccer. Photography is my favorite. He has his head quarters in Holland so it was a no brainer to hear his stories of The Netherlands. What a wonderful, interesting man. Once Laura was ready for me, it was a real nice flow of candid and semi formal pictures. Laura had a lot of ideas for shots and I had a great time catching her ideas. I love any input. Eric was a true gentleman and really wanted to grab pictures at Compo Beach. Compo Beach is my second studio, since I live so close to it, I use it a lot for both wedding and family portraits.The reception was at my favorite place, The Inn at Longshore.  The staff treats me like I am one of their family and the finger food is the best! Oh, I forgot, the best part is the scenery. there are just so many places on the grounds to get wonderful shots.