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I have been photographing Phyliss Doonan and her family for the past 10 years. I photograph her team of agents, family portraits, parties and even her grand kids first communions. What I like most about them is their laughter, fun and excitement about everything. Last year Phyliss was diagnosed with cancer. Her immediate reaction was to kick it’s butt. Witch she did. Check out their website here.



Panerai’s characteristic Рpure Italian design loyal to its own tradition and unchanged by time.

Great story. Lila drops by my studio to have me photograph her Panerai watch. No biggie, she asks if I mind her hanging out and watching me while I shoot. I said no because I shoot tethered ( camera attached to the computer ) so she can view the images while I shoot and we can correct the layout as we go. Lila hands me the watch and I immediately clean the glass and start to put it in my special globe used for shooting watches. She then says,” please don’t drop it, it is valued at the average price of a Westport Home.” I wish she had never told me that. I got a little nervous, but thank god I did not drop it. These photographs were for a book that is put out every year on vintage Panerai Watches.

Amanda had her bridal shower last week at The Spread. A very cool restaurant in South Norwalk. The decoration is cozy with exposed walls, a big fan, a long bar and really sweet tables that have a weathered look. There is a unique plant growing on a side wall and the huge front window will open once the weather gets nicer. Katherine, from Botanica designed all the floral arrangements, and as usual, they were gorgeous. I told Amanda that I would shoot her wedding in Puerto Rico, but I guess she is all set…. bummer.