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Right before the World Cup began, I had a surprise visitor. Radek dropped by with my friend Rick to watch Netherlands vs someone. As soon as I saw him, I said to Rick, ” I have to shoot him!” Look at that beard, hair and face. Classic! He is a big German, standing at 6′ 5″, but I don’t think he can dunk. He is Rick’s brother in law visiting for the month. I shot Radek in my studio on his last day here, I am so glad I got to meet and photograph him.



I have photographed paintings many time. Sculpture is tough, paintings are all about being color correct. This one was huge though. It took four people to get this off the wall. Thank god the client had a mantle that they all could stand on. The pressure was on because once the shots are taken, there is no redo’s.




Pat Kery Fine Arts, Inc.

Here is a sample of a shoot that we did in a park in Weston along with some images of jewelry that I photographed in my studio. I have an area for tabletop photography where I can shoot product, still life and jewelry.

Within minutes I can remove the tabletop and shoot portraits. The jewelry was photographed for Bianca Boutique. Maria is wonderful and her store has a great selection of trendy clothes and accessories.