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Here is a sample of a shoot that we did in a park in Weston along with some images of jewelry that I photographed in my studio. I have an area for tabletop photography where I can shoot product, still life and jewelry.

Within minutes I can remove the tabletop and shoot portraits. The jewelry was photographed for Bianca Boutique. Maria is wonderful and her store has a great selection of trendy clothes and accessories.


I saw this old factory on my way to a shoot on Saturday and just had to jump out and grab it. I love the Geese walking in front of the building and the colors were pretty cool. Can you guess where this spot is?


It has been a real rough beginning of the year weather wise. The snow is finally gone and now the beginnings of spring are here. The grass is getting greener and with each day a different flower is blooming. I Love using my 50mm macro lens to capture super close ups of the blooms. In most cases I use available light, but occasionally I will whip out the flash. Depending on sizes of gardens, I can shoot them in just a couple of hours, but then again, it all depends on the light.



Everyone needs to get away. I love to see new views and experience different landscapes, food and people. Our trip to South Carolina was amazing. I was surprised to see the kids go swimming in 60 degree water, but hey, they are young and daring. We visited Baldhead Island where the only transportation is the bicycle. With my Dutch background, I really appreciated this and really enjoyed biking the island. On our way back, we stopped by DC. One of my favorite places in the world. The history, architecture and monuments all make for a great trip. We saw the World War Two Memorial for the first time. It was fantastic. So the next time you make plans for Hawaii or Las Vegas, or anywhere, maybe think about hiring me to photograph your experience.