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Yes, it is cold outside. But that did not deter Katrina from bringing in her adorable babies. We installed a state of the art heating unit and everyone was comfortable. Katrina used to bring in her dogs for me to photograph, boy has life changed for her.



Francesca needed a portrait for her business school application. I was very happy to photograph her in my studio. She really enjoyed that I shoot tethered to the computer so she can view all the images while I was capturing her. We made simple adjustments as we went and here are a few of the results. After the shoot, I edit the images then post them to a website so she can tell me what are her favorite picks. I then take her to photoshop where simple retouching is applied. The result is a nice image Francesca can use for any of her needs. Facebook, twitter, linkedin and of course, her business school picture.





I was asked to photograph the interior of Lillian August’s Showroom in Norwalk. It happens to be one of my wife’s favorite destinations. I can see why, it is full of excellent furniture, rugs, lamps and anything you ever wanted to fill your house with. It is a tough shoot because of the very high ceilings. I used my light painting techniques to light up all the important parts of the picture.



Laurie Singari is a new real estate agent working with Phyliss Doonan and Associates in Stamford.I really enjoyed working with Laurie, she has a very bright personality and she really makes you feel comfortable. I should be saying the opposite, that I really made her feel comfortable, but you get the idea. I used my new beauty dish on Laurie and the light is wonderful. Along with the new dish, I recently added a new studio lighting system that incorporates 4 new flash heads. It has been a real thrilling experience getting to meet new people and shoot their headshots.



“Part of what makes The United Church of Rowayton unique is its unusual House of Worship and location. Dedicated in 1962, the building, with its natural materials and wonderful, undulating roof, speaks to what our Church is all about. The House of Worship was designed by Westport architect Joseph Salerno who had never designed a church before. His design won the American Institute of Architects’ highest award in 1963.” The Architect, Joseph Salerno also designed the Coleytown Middle school in Westport, and if you have ever seen the school, you can definitely see the similarities between the two buildings.