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Stamford Nature Center was the perfect setting for Anna and Seth’s engagement shoot. I have been to the nature center many times, family portraits, children portraits and a few times with my four  kids. My children love the animals and running around. There are many trails and many photo opportunities. Chickens, geese and we even got a look at the otter, who I have never seen until this day. Inside it is really rustic and cozy. Even though it was very cold outside, winter did not keep us away. Here is a sample of  a wedding I shot at The Stamford Museum and Nature Center.


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I had a great time hanging with the next generation and taking their pictures. it was a lively bunch at a private residence in Westport for The County Ball. I got dressed up and set up a plain white background. I brought portable lamps and the evening was lots of good times by all.





Videler Photography is very excited to announce the hiring of   Lana Walton as our new marketing consultant! Lana is  skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behavior and marketing process. This includes having the ability to identify the companies target market and position their product or service offering in a way that will interest consumers and make them want to contact Videler Photography. We had a great time in studio talking strategy and shooting her portrait. You can reach Lana at

A client called me and asked if I could take photographs of horses for her. She said her boyfriend was not interested in buying something online and wanted a local photographer to get the shot. I love these challenges!! I had such a fun time shooting the horses. I first went to a farm close to The Patterson Club in Fairfield and the owner came out and yelled at me. I wasn’t in the pen, I was just shooting from the fence. Then she told me I can shoot but I could not use the pictures. After brainstorming with my wife, she told me of an obvious friend who had horses, goats, chickens and even a big pig. It was a very cold day and I lost feeling in my fingers for 4 hours, but I was happy with the results.