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A client called me and asked if I could take photographs of horses for her. She said her boyfriend was not interested in buying something online and wanted a local photographer to get the shot. I love these challenges!! I had such a fun time shooting the horses. I first went to a farm close to The Patterson Club in Fairfield and the owner came out and yelled at me. I wasn’t in the pen, I was just shooting from the fence. Then she told me I can shoot but I could not use the pictures. After brainstorming with my wife, she told me of an obvious friend who had horses, goats, chickens and even a big pig. It was a very cold day and I lost feeling in my fingers for 4 hours, but I was happy with the results.



Yes, it is cold outside. But that did not deter Katrina from bringing in her adorable babies. We installed a state of the art heating unit and everyone was comfortable. Katrina used to bring in her dogs for me to photograph, boy has life changed for her.



Francesca needed a portrait for her business school application. I was very happy to photograph her in my studio. She really enjoyed that I shoot tethered to the computer so she can view all the images while I was capturing her. We made simple adjustments as we went and here are a few of the results. After the shoot, I edit the images then post them to a website so she can tell me what are her favorite picks. I then take her to photoshop where simple retouching is applied. The result is a nice image Francesca can use for any of her needs. Facebook, twitter, linkedin and of course, her business school picture.





I was asked to photograph the interior of Lillian August’s Showroom in Norwalk. It happens to be one of my wife’s favorite destinations. I can see why, it is full of excellent furniture, rugs, lamps and anything you ever wanted to fill your house with. It is a tough shoot because of the very high ceilings. I used my light painting techniques to light up all the important parts of the picture.