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Anna and Seth were married at The Woodway beach Club. The day was a perfect one, bright blue skies and an excellent model bride. The wind was a little tough to work around, but we managed to block a lot of it. Make up was done by Ellela Cosmetics from Greenwich. The Woodway Beach Club is a fabulous place to shoot. Since I am from Westport, I am very  used to shooting on the beach. It has such a nice clean graphic look. I shot Seth and Anna’s engagement in the winter, you can view this post by clicking here.



Sarah and Dennis were married at The Stamford Yacht Club. It is such a gorgeous venue. The dock and the beach are so fabulous. About 20 years ago, my father suggested that we go on the roof and shoot the whole party. Now every time I go to The Stamford Yacht Club, they suggest we go and shoot from the roof. I smile to myself thinking if my dad had only known this. The bride snuck off halfway through the reception and changed into cowboy boots, Dennis loved it! The groom had a surprise of his own. He is an awesome  harmonica player and he joined the band for a cool jam session.



I visited the  Netherlands with my son and my camera and here are just a few shots. I have a bunch of good tourist snaps riding bikes together, but I thought this is a nice representation of a fun getaway. It has been 10 years since my father passed away and I wanted to show Case, my son, his ancestry and the tree we planted for my father when he passed away.


The grows in Walem

Office portraits are tough to shoot. The lighting is usually a combined ambient and fluorescent. And the fluorescent can really cause problems.I usually like to bounce my light for a softer look. I really enjoy shooting these portraits. I have about 15 minutes with each person and it is fun to engage and get them comfortable for the camera. Baystate Financial is one of New England’s oldest and largest financial services firms with multiple locations throughout New England. They are a group of highly trained professionals in the areas of insurance, investment management, estate planning, business succession, employee benefits, retirement funding strategies, long term care insurance and education funding strategies.





I photographed Alex’s Bat Mitzvah and it was a blast. I have a lot of history with her parents, I photographed their wedding 18 years ago at The Candlewood Inn in Brookfield. My wife was pregnant with our first child and I actually got the call that night that she was going into labor. For years I would see Neil and Michelle around town and they would mention how someday I would photograph their  Mitzvah’s.  I was very excited to shoot for them. We started Alex’s Mitzvah at Temple Shalom in Norwalk and then had the reception at The Inn at Longshore in Westport. I know both places very well.