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Covid 19 has had such a huge effect on everyone. The wedding industry was no different. Jessica and Scott were planning to get married with friends and family in Florida but this has been postponed due to travel restrictions cause by Covid. The answer? A small civil service at Compo Beach officiated by Westport’s Avi Kaner.

Rock and shells make the perfect background

Avi Kaner looking over his notes
different times for sure
They love each other
The Connecticut Shoreline is a perfect backdrop
looking into the future

High in the mountains of Monroe Connecticut is a real nice park called Webb Mountain.It is here that I was the behind the scenes photographer for Swiss Army. The company. My job was to photograph all of the products that were being taped for video commercials. There were plenty of products that were not in the commercial but I photographed anyway.

red back pack
the woods provided a very nice backdrop
selfie from the director

I get asked to photograph many different things. That is why I enjoy being a photographer. One day I am shooting hairbrushes, the next day I am shooting aerials with a drone, then the next day bones and treats for Earth Animal. Every day is a different shoot. One of the facets of my business is corporate branding photography. I really appreciate photographing people. To make people feel at ease in front of the camera, you have to be a good listener and you have to interact naturally with them.

If I do photograph for you, you will notice that I am a talker and a good listener. I may never shut up, but I will make you feel at ease and get the images needed to showcase your business.

The images below are from a recent shoot I did for a local financial company.

I like the background here.
Different backgrounds offer different looks.

With the upcoming in water Norwalk Boat Show, I thought it would be nice to show Martin Van Breems and his Sound Sailing Center. They operate out of Norwalk Cove Marina so you might get a chance to see him sailing, manning the boats or biking from one end to the other. I photograph many businesses and promote them with my photography. I like to show as much details of what they do. Martin is a fellow Dutchman so we hit it off right away. He is very good at what he does. I spent some time with him while he prepared some boats and even sat in with him while he transferred a large boat to dock. The key to these sessions is making the client feel at ease so you can capture natural images.

images were captured with a leica m9 using no flash
in true dutch fashion, martin uses his bike to get around the marina

I photograph a lot of homes for real estate, architects, builders and interior designers. But here is a first. I was asked to photograph a 2 million dollar sail boat that the client wants to sell.

It was very different from shooting a home. The space was very contained and the ceilings were very low. The boat was in port and I did use a tripod because the boat was so big, it did not move at all. Some images were with tripod and some were hand held and using available light blending with speed lights.

The drone was a different story. I never had flown the drone off of a moving vehicle let alone one in the middle of the ocean. I scouted youtube and talked to a fellow drone operator to get the info on settings and procedure in flying on water. To say it was intense was an understatement, but I did take off, I did get he pictures and I did land it safely. Mission accomplished.

Here is the actual listing

So if you need images of your boat, I am an experienced shooter.

flying with the drone was very intense
dining and lounge area