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When clients first come to me with a job, I always offer an in studio consolation and photo shoot. This is a way I like to make sure that the clients are completely comfortable with me when it comes time for the day of the actual event. In this case, the event was Lauren’s Bat Mitzvah. We started the day at Temple Israel where I used studio lighting techniques to produce the best photos in the time before the service. After the service, which wasn’t allowed to be photographed, I went to Mora Mora, a lounge in South Norwalk for the reception. I arrived early to take pictures of the setup and design, which was done by Arlene Rosenthal. Arlene and I go way back, and I’m always amazed by the fabulous work she does planning parties. Once Lauren and her friends and family showed up, the fun really began. There was music, dancing, and even a man dressed up as a larger than life robot, who would shoot lasers and get everyone onto the dance floor.




Riley and Tyler had their Mitzvah at Temple Israel and the reception following at The Westport Inn. We first photographed them in our studio on South Compo Rd. I always enjoy the studio shoots because it is fun to see their reactions as the images show up on the computer. I shoot tethered in the studio and many times on location.



I photographed Alex’s Bat Mitzvah and it was a blast. I have a lot of history with her parents, I photographed their wedding 18 years ago at The Candlewood Inn in Brookfield. My wife was pregnant with our first child and I actually got the call that night that she was going into labor. For years I would see Neil and Michelle around town and they would mention how someday I would photograph their  Mitzvah’s.  I was very excited to shoot for them. We started Alex’s Mitzvah at Temple Shalom in Norwalk and then had the reception at The Inn at Longshore in Westport. I know both places very well.





Westport has a lot of nice restaurants in town. Each week it seems like there is a new place to eat and enjoy the views. Arezzo is that kind of place. Really warm and inviting inside and you have excellent water views from the patio. The food is excellent and the owner is fun to talk to. Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah was at The Conservative Synogogue in Westport with a reception held at Arezzo Restaurant. I love photographing at new locations.


One of my favorite time of the day is shooting cocktail hour. It gives me the chance to sneak around, be very unobtrusive and shoot people enjoying others and their surroundings. Birchwood Country Club has always meant a lot to me. Back in high school we use to pool hop there. Now I am photographing events. A few years back I shot an event for a local firm who hired Nick Price to give instruction on how to play better golf. He was really a nice guy. For this hour I used my 50mm 1.2 and I really love this lens. I can be very selective in my focus which is one of my favorite parts of photography. Natural pictures.