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Yes. It is now a new decade and branding your business or re branding your business with photography is a very smart idea. I can parachute into your business and capture images that will tell your clients who you are and what you do. A nice mix of portrait photography candid photography and my experience shooting interiors gives you a nice mix of images to use.

On this shoot I was hired to capture the opening of Pinstripes. It is a nice Italian style restaurant that features an open floor plan and bowling. I started out with interiors knowing that there would be a large crowd as the night got longer. I really enjoy the challenge of producing images that capture a business and it’s personality.

Pinstripes is located in the new Sono Collection in Norwalk

The bar area at Pinstripes
Bowling is offered
I love the murals above the pins
showing the space
The dining area
intimate booths
what a great bar
The out door space features a fire pit and lounge area
open kitchen where you can see the chef cook
everybody having a great time
fun for all ages

Objective. To show newly landscaped backyard with an appealing fall setting. My job was to shoot with natural light at a time where the light is soft and not too harsh. Grab vignettes of details and overall look of the landscaping. I do like shooting these types of jobs at twilight to add drama, but I think with this soft light,it really came out nice.

nothing like morning light
love the sound of these fountains, so soothing
A nice mix of wide and close ups
The pergola
view looking out front
can’t forget the grill
layers of texture
ornamental grass
always thinking design

Photographing for interior designers is thrilling because of the unique visions  that they have. My job is to show this unique quality through lighting and composition.  Location shooting for me has always been a lot of fun. I photographed one of Heidi’s masterpieces a combination of 3 rooms in a Westport residence. Bel Mondo recently moved to a new location on post Rd West in Westport.


This was a shoot for Angela Benzan a realtor who has been working with properties in Easton, Weston, Fairfield, and Westport for many successful years. Angela Benzan works with buyers, sellers and investors in real estate transactions spanning all of the price ranges and property types. My goal for this shoot was to show off the property, and house to the best of my ability. The house was built buy Sky View Builders, a full service construction company. Whose mission is to create buildings that are comfortable, beautiful, and of enduring value. To show this house off, I first took pictures of it during the day. I then figured out where the best parts of the house would be to light off flashes to give the windows a nice glow. Finally I removed the wires and added a new sky to really make the property look nice.  Bellow are before pictures of the hose, after pictures, and pictures of me going around with my flash stick.

Photography of Saugatuck train Station shot on a tripod. I added lens flare to the last image, it almost looks like it was shot during the day, but these were all at night. This spring weather is finally making it easier to shoot night shots without having to dress in 4 layers. I enjoy shooting in black and white, it gives the subject that timeless quality.