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I photograph a lot of homes for real estate, architects, builders and interior designers. But here is a first. I was asked to photograph a 2 million dollar sail boat that the client wants to sell.

It was very different from shooting a home. The space was very contained and the ceilings were very low. The boat was in port and I did use a tripod because the boat was so big, it did not move at all. Some images were with tripod and some were hand held and using available light blending with speed lights.

The drone was a different story. I never had flown the drone off of a moving vehicle let alone one in the middle of the ocean. I scouted youtube and talked to a fellow drone operator to get the info on settings and procedure in flying on water. To say it was intense was an understatement, but I did take off, I did get he pictures and I did land it safely. Mission accomplished.

Here is the actual listing

So if you need images of your boat, I am an experienced shooter.

flying with the drone was very intense
dining and lounge area

Did you ever wonder what an abandoned mansion looked like but could not get in? I did. Full access to an abandoned mansion close to down town Westport. This is the former home of Evelyn and Walter Langer inventors of a very popular perfume called White Shoulders.

I was raised in Westport so I know a lot of people here. Greeting me at the door was Bill Frawley He works for the town and had the keys to let me in. I graduated Staples High with his brother Mike. Actually, I went through Saugatuck Elementary and Bedford Middle School as well. Bill took me to the basement and said I should start photographing there. He told me stories how the house was haunted and said he would come back in 2 hours to see if i made it…. or had finished shooting. On his way up the stairs he yelled over his shoulder that he was just kidding.

The house was a little spooky because of drafts which caused doors to move and the furnace to kick in.

Most of the house was shot on tripod with time exposures and available light. In some cases I would use strobes just to fill in dark areas.

I was greeted by a large vulture on top of the roof. He would end up following me around the exterior
nice details of the stairs
details of the texture of the wallpaper
love the “peephole” it was larger than most.
details of the ceiling
spiral staircase
through the windows you can see the Westport Senior Center
again, detail and nice color
my favorite shot
I actually had this type of sink in my first house in Westport
can you say yellow?
love this stove, cool dials
this is where I started… the basement