Monthly Archives: October 2016

If presenting your business as a well tuned media machine is your goal, then professional portraits are a must. Professional location portraiture is one of the many services that Videler Photography provides. We bring lighting and reflectors and a very creative approach  to capture high quality images. Most shoots are shot tethered to a computer so either the subject or the director can view and make changes as the shoot takes place. Companies use the images for website and marketing materials such as press releases, brochures and email announcements.






Above is an example of a press release used by Media Horizons, an agency located in Norwalk, CT. Like all shoots that we do, it is very important to make the subject feel relaxed and approachable.




Backgrounds and lighting are as important as making the subject feel relaxed. I always look for a unique background. But in some cases, depending on what the client asks for, we might have to use something simple, like a white wall.



Another example of a press release with a professional portrait by Videler Photography.




Every business should use a professional photographer to capture their people and showcase the work that they do. A beautiful portrait is the gateway to your companies brand and a well respected brand, should start with excellent photography.