Monthly Archives: June 2014

Here is a sample of a shoot that we did in a park in Weston along with some images of jewelry that I photographed in my studio. I have an area for tabletop photography where I can shoot product, still life and jewelry.

Within minutes I can remove the tabletop and shoot portraits. The jewelry was photographed for Bianca Boutique. Maria is wonderful and her store has a great selection of trendy clothes and accessories.


I saw this old factory on my way to a shoot on Saturday and just had to jump out and grab it. I love the Geese walking in front of the building and the colors were pretty cool. Can you guess where this spot is?


I received an awesome invitation to photograph Migg’s Burroughs opening Tunnel Vision. For years the tunnel between the Saugatuck River and Main street Westport was a wall filled with graffiti. Now it is a wall with back lit photographs of Lenticular Photography by Miggs. The photographs are simply awesome, and the town had a pulse about it which I have not seen in a very long time.