Monthly Archives: August 2012

Here is a sample of images I took of Seema. Seema and I go way back. 11 years ago I photographed her wedding at The Waveny House in New Canaan. I really enjoy the life long relationships that I acquire after photographing their wedding. Seema has a thriving business. You can check her out here.

As you can tell by Kim’s swing, she is an excellent golfer. When I walked into her bedroom to take the pre bridal pictures, I noticed the shelf filled with these big golf trophies. I am like, “you won these?” Not that I was surprised, but the size of the trophies? This means your real good. Kim and Bryon’s wedding fell on the day of The Golf Open in Ireland. So fitting. The reception was held at Brooklawn Country Club in Fairfield. I really enjoyed Kim and Bryon’s wedding and I know that we are going to be friends forever. I hope when I play those guys in golf they will give me 10 strokes.

Winslow Park in Westport is the perfect place for a walk and an engagement shoot. The best thing of all is that you can bring your dog. There are large fields, shade trees, a brook and fun trails to follow. Mary and Jon will be getting married in September. I had the pleasure to photograph Gabe and Patrice at the pub they met in West Hartford. The Half Door opened its doors for us an hour before opening so we could get some fun shots. We then traveled to Elizabeth Park in West Hartford for some outdoor pictures. They were married last weekend, look for their wedding blog soon, it was a fun party.