Monthly Archives: June 2012

Emily is a visually stunning young lady. We had a real fun time taking pictures at a few locations in Westport. One location is very close to the road where I grew up so I knew of it pretty well. A little graffiti in a portrait for a young lady works better than for an executive. Some pictures were taken at my studio and then we finished at my favorite, Compo Beach.

My photography exposes me to many cool places. One is Boston, where Zach and Kaitlin live and the other is to Compo Beach Westport, my backyard, with Gabby and Marcus. Two very cool couples, and two totally different locations. I love getting the chance to travel and see different places, that is the Sagittarius in me. As long as I have my camera and kind of an idea, I always love the results.

When my kids kids heard that I was shooting a wedding at The Maritime Center, they freaked out. What a cool setting for a wedding. Cocktail hour by the shark tank is a great place to eat sushi and watch the fish swim by. There are so many different displays of so many different species of fish. The Jelly Fish display is the coolest and I would love to have one in my room. It is fascinating to see them move. The Maritime was just refinished not too long ago and it looks really nice. There is a lot of room to move around, check out the exhibits and fraternize with the seals. Kari and Steve had an excellent day!

Here is a follow up to my favorite middle boy. Happy Birthday Sinjin! A nice casual party with Sin and his 10 buddies! Time really flies, but I am so happy to be there for him. Angry Bird theme, the little guy really kicks butt at angry birds. I never want to go against him. He plays a mean Mario Cart too!