Monthly Archives: May 2012

A few weeks ago  I photographed Barry and Vanessa’s engagement pictures at The Brooklyn Bridge. Boy, time flies! Fast forward to the Inn at Longshore May 2012. A perfect day. Flowers by Danielle provided the gorgeous flowers. The colors always “pop.” The Reverand Branson is retiring and this was his last wedding. I remember working with my father over 20 years ago and meeting Reverand Branson for the first time. It is a fitting end for us. I think one of my first weddings was at his church. I had a nice chat with him before he left and I know we will be BFF. Longshore is such a great place to shoot. The tree’s at the entrance, the beach with the wall and the grass, the sailing school building in the background. it is all good. The Longshore crew that helps you through your magnificent day is awesome!

Thank you veterans for protecting us.

Thank you police and civil services for always being there.

Thank you little league  for making me feel like a kid again.

Happy Memorial Day!

What a great day for a family picture! My favorite place in the world, Compo Beach, Westport, Ct. I am so fortunate to live in a place that has a nice little beach that I can call my second studio. I joked with David, the father, about jumping in the water. He told me he did the Penguin Plunge at Compo in March. What a great family.

Greek weddings are a blast to shoot! The ceremony is so interesting and the colors are so unique. I love the smell of the incense burning and the sound of Greek being spoken. Sophie and Milton were married at St Georges Church in Norwalk. After the service we went to South Norwalk to photograph them. We had some fun standing in the windows at And Co, they were really nice to let us in. After the shoot we went to The Waterview in Monroe where the party was. I love it when the kids are picking up all the money that everyone throws on the couple, it is really cute to see. Video was shot and produced by Jon Muro of AP Video.

Amanda and Steven met me at The Stamford Nature Center for a nice Sunday shoot. I think the animals are starting to recognize me, pretty scary. My kids, all four of them, really love to go for adventures here. You have to see Big Sis, the Pig,  has to be at least 700 pounds! A new crop of baby lambs are running around and the chickens are always fun to see. I love shooting engagement photos because it gives me a chance to get to know the couple better and take some fun pictures. Note. June 1st is the 15th Annual Wine Tasting at The Stamford Nature Center.