Monthly Archives: March 2012

Peter Handrinos hired me to capture his portrait for his books. It is always so cool to see the portrait you take in print. What is even better is that Peter was so happy, he used it in all of his books.

Here is a list of must read books’ by Peter. Of course, you can find these at Amazon.

‘The 99 Most Popular Myths in Baseball: “Inside The Game’s Most Repeated Half -Truths and All-Out Lies. Potamac Books,2012

‘The Funniest Baseball Book Ever: The National Pastime’s Greatest Quips and Quotations, Characters, Nicknames, and Pranks’. Andrew McMeel,2010

‘The Truth about Ruth (And More): Behind the New York Yankees’ Most Popular Myths, Legends, and Lore. Triumph Books 2009.

Balance is the name of a rock group I photographed this weekend. They are a unique group because they all are 8th graders at Whisconier Middle School in Brookfield. Lily, Becca,Ian and Kurt on drums. I am not new to band photography. In 1996 I photographed Matt “guitar” Murphy for his music cd. It was very exciting meeting the legend, he was in the movie Blues Brothers with Dan Akroyd and John Belushi. Another big blues cd I photographed was Jesse “wild Bill” Austin. We photographed him in a living room at a house and he would just “blow up” the guitar.

Circa 1996 Roesch Records

Charli had an incredible Bat Mitzvah at The Meadowlands in Darien . The theme was Charli and The Chocolate Factory, and as a chocolate nut, I was not disappointed. Rosinne from Festivities Events provided the amazing food and the fabulous overall design. The coolest thing  was the  purple chocolate fountain! Straight out of a scene from Willy Wonka, there was a boat filled with fruit and marshmellows, shaved chocolate to represent the river, and bins of chocolate to dunk your fruit in. I was singing the oompa  loompa song all week long. My poor wife and kids!

I could not believe it. Last week was the first time I heard that my son volunteered to take the Penguin Plunge to raise money for Special Olympics. I saw the packet on the table and asked my wife who did we know who was taking the plunge, “your son”! I am so proud of him, it takes a lot of guts to jump in ice cold water. Later in the day, I asked him to put a jacket on because it was a little chilly. He said, “after today’s plunge, I will never be cold again.” Nicely done little buddy.

The Westport Basketball Association just concluded its season by having a first ever, playoff between the two middle schools in town. The games were a lot of fun to watch and to capture on camera. This is my first basketball game that I had ever shot and I really enjoyed it. The lighting is tough but the action is non stop. The Westport Basketball Association is a fantastic league and the kids really enjoy it. I coach both my 6 grader and my 3rd grader and the lessons they learn are priceless.