Monthly Archives: January 2012

Your business headshot is often the first introduction to new clients and customers. Don’t settle for an outdated image, a snapshot or a glamour shot when you can present an engaging image captured by me. Whether you are a top-level executive, skilled professional in your field, team member, or entrepreneur, I know how to bring out your dynamic personality through creative business portraits.

Maureen and Christy dropped in for a portrait this week. They both work at The Higgins Group on the Post Rd in Westport. I always enjoy seeing what their expressions are when I ask them how is the market doing? It seems like Westport’s Housing Market is doing just fine.

I told Jenny Ong that I used to take piano lessons and my mom would say,” if you do not practice the piano, we will get rid of it!” My lesson was on Thursdays at 3pm and I would not start practicing until Thursdays at 2:30. I miss that piano, I wish I could have it back. I covered Jenny’s recital and I was amazed at how well the students played. If you want to take piano lessons, Jenny is the one to see.

I love it when I get the chance to shoot at a cool spot like Splash back to back weekends. The people that work there give me this funny, “he looks familiar look”. It is deja vu. Tyler was Mitzvah’d at Splash and it was unique because the Torah was with us.

I love photographing at Splash, the restaurant. It has a really cool interior and an excellent exterior. The interior has vibrant colors, wild shapes, and an awesome mosaic wall that divides the bar area. The back yard nestles up to Long Island Sound where you can grab some fun shots on the lawn with water backgrounds. The views, the food and the atmosphere are stunning.