Monthly Archives: November 2010

I ran the Peqout Road Runner’s Race this morning with My friends Alfred and Pete. No, they are not the ones dressed up like Elvis and The Chef. It was a great race and the turnout was 5,000 strong. A great way to start the day. Happy Thanksgiving!

I love photographing families. A camera should always be present at any family gathering, but to get a chance to meet and get to know a family is so special for me. You get to find out all the great things that bind the kids to their parents. David’s kids are special because they shared with me the things that make them happy. Simple things like walking to the beach, playing in the sand and walking in the woods. It is all here for them to experience and so uplifting to see their expressions. A family portrait is more than a picture, it is a grand experience. For me and I always hope for them.



I was hired by Jill Keogh of Top Knotch Productions to capture Rhianna’s performance at Times Square. Jill runs a set up company that provides stages for musical artist. Rhianna came out with her new album and she held a mini concert at times square. The crowd was huge and the energy was unbelievable. I hooked up with Tommy in the scissor lift and we went up forty feet together to capture the event. Thank god I am not afraid of heights. Getting the chance to see Times Square like this was priceless!



I was hired to photograph Jorge Posada for Coca Cola yesterday and wow! It was so exciting! It was a meet and greet at F & J Pine Restaurant in The Bronx. The restaurant is awesome, and it is only a 49 minute drive from Westport. . I was a scholarship pitcher for my college team Flagler College. Http:// so when I had a chance to talk to Jorge I had to tell him about the time my catcher kept calling for a fastball and I kept shaking him off. He would call time out and with the most serious face ever, chew me out on the mound. Then he would go back to his position and I would shake him off again. I think Jorge understood that I was just another flaky pitcher. He is the nicest guy. Even though I am not a Yankee fan, I did consider it. Jorge’s son has Craniosynostosis and his foundation raises money for children suffering from it. Check out his foundation at



I have plenty of weddings and portraits to show you but I can not let a Halloween pass without some pictures from such a fun day. I grew up on Vani Court in Westport and it is always such a great time to bring my kids to visit friends and old neighbors. Mummy dogs, hay rides and just watching the kids have such a great time. I know this happens in every neighborhood but for me to go back to where I grew up it is a real special moment for me.