Monthly Archives: July 2010

40 years ago I was at Old Mill Beach in Westport where I found my first starfish. It was a really neat experience. I showed it to everyone and then put him back. I have not seen a starfish in Westport Waters since then. Until yesterday. Right in front of the canons I made my search. With four kids in tow we searched the clear waters. I saw a spider crab and sitting next to him was a starfish. Then another and another until I counted 20 of them in various sizes. Satisfied with the results I hit the barbecue pit only to see my daughter Elle show me a plate sized starfish that she and her friends had found. It was really great to see that the Westport Beaches are again home to the very cool Starfish.

Aimee and Tim were married at Harvest On The Hudson. What an incredible venue. It has a feeling of an Italian vineyard in New York.  I love seeing new places and this was my first time at The Harvest. The colors were very unique as you can see, and the cake was really yummy.

My son has turned 10! Where have the years gone? It was a glorious day with my sister and her family visiting from California and a few friends hanging together in the backyard. We had a kids party and now this is the adult version. Like all our parties it ended with a water fight where the birthday boy took a lot of hosing and a bucket of water on his head. I played around with my camera settings to get a lot of noise ( AKA Grain for film lovers ) I like the results.