Inn at Longshore Wedding

Laura and Eric were married on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Laura was not ready when I arrived so I chatted with the father of the bride about my second favorite subject. Dutch soccer. Photography is my favorite. He has his head quarters in Holland so it was a no brainer to hear his stories of The Netherlands. What a wonderful, interesting man. Once Laura was ready for me, it was a real nice flow of candid and semi formal pictures. Laura had a lot of ideas for shots and I had a great time catching her ideas. I love any input. Eric was a true gentleman and really wanted to grab pictures at Compo Beach. Compo Beach is my second studio, since I live so close to it, I use it a lot for both wedding and family portraits.The reception was at my favorite place, The Inn at Longshore.  The staff treats me like I am one of their family and the finger food is the best! Oh, I forgot, the best part is the scenery. there are just so many places on the grounds to get wonderful shots.