Monthly Archives: April 2010

My father was the photographer for Pepperidge Farm for over 25 years. He photographed all of their products, cakes, cookies, turnovers and of course the famous goldfish. Our house was never short of Pepperidge Farm goodies. I remember always opening the freezer and seeing it full with turnovers! Godiva chocolate is owned by Pepperidge Farm so I guess you can say I was spoiled in the chocolate department.  It was an extreme pleasure to have the President of Pepperidge Farm, Mr Calaghan invite me into his office and talk about my dad, I was so proud of him, and I still am.Pepperidge Farm hired me to photograph one of their chefs for an ad campaign. I am glad they decided to keep it in the family.

I had a call yesterday from my close friend Marielle and she is in a wedding coming up this fall. She is a bridesmaid and is helping her friend ( the bride ) find a facility on the water anywhere North of New Haven. My first suggestion was The  Saybrook Point Inn and Spa where my good friend Lori Woll is the banquet manager. I have known Lori for over 20 years and she is fantastic to work with.The facilities are gorgeous, it is truly an amazing place! right on the water and they have great brunches too. Here are samples of a wedding I photographed at The Saybrook Point Inn.

Dao and Gary were married in Weston on a gorgeous April day. Thank god there were no April showers! Gary is in the navy and will be serving on an aircraft carrier in a few months. It was fun to hear him explain nuclear propulsion to ten year old boys before the ceremony. He has nerves of steel. Dao is simply gorgeous and her friends were just as nice. Alison Milwe Grace hosted the wedding and her company AMG Catering did an incredible job of decorating and cooking awesome food. Please enjoy the photographs.

Piermont New York is a gem! I kept telling Joe and Carolyne that I have to take my family here to explore. It is really an adorable little town right over the Tappan Zee Bridge. On my way in I passed an awesome red brick building. I knew I had to use it as a back drop to this beautiful couple. The town reminded me of a little village in Holland that I go to a lot. It has so much charm, you have to check it out. I am so looking forward to their May Wedding.

I am so lucky to have a business where I get to meet so many interesting people. Everyone has an interesting story. I enjoy photographing people. I know it sounds so simple but I get the chance to learn about the clients business and their personal side as well.