Monthly Archives: March 2010

Wiley Mullins is the spice of life. I had the pleasure of capturing Wiley in his office last week for a portrait. He is an amazing man with lots of energy. Check out his website at He has lots of recipes and incredible spices to offer. Wiley gave me some spice samples and I already tossed them in my salad. Real great stuff.

My little guy got Christened on Sunday and what fun it was. We had it at Assumption Church in Westport where father Thorne preformed the service. He let everyone know ( there were four families there ) that I was a professional photographer. Before you knew it I was taking pictures of other families as well as my own. My close friends Michelle and Mike were the god parents, thanks guys! Then we went to the house and celebrated with a massive display of bubbling. Nothing makes a 20 month old baby happier than bubbles.

Now is the perfect time to promote your business by having me take your portrait. People really want to see what you look like and it can only make your marketing materials look more professional.I photograph people. Whether it is an event or an executive portrait, I really enjoy meeting and photographing people. I learn so much about their business and in many cases their culture and life story. This is a portrait session of Thorsten who happens to be my neighbor and a banker in New York. He is from Germany and a lot of our discussion was about The World Cup Soccer Tournament coming this June. My family is from The Netherlands so it was a very fun discussion.

I photographed an event for Smart Kids the other night, it was very inspirational. The event was a fundraiser for kids with learning disabilities.The kids being honored were very inspirational because they told us what their disabilities were and how they overcame them. I love this job. The gathering was held at The Westport Playhouse where Stephanie Farhood runs the events. The playhouse is awesome. The remodeled play house is Westports most wonderful attraction. Alison Milwe Grace of AMG Catering did a fantastic job of providing everyone with incredible food and deserts.  Thank you to Ginger Gault who manages the events for Smart Kids, she puts her heart and soul into the organization.

Saturday Westport was on the receiving end of a very violent storm. The winds knocked out power lines and felled  lots of trees. My studio is on South Compo Rd and a very large tree fell across the street. The police responded very quickly and shut down the road. Our section of South Compo was closed for two days. Here are some photos I took and it gave my little guy Penn a chance to dance in mud puddles.