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What can I say about Paola and her wonderful business Gaerlick and Herbs. Every time I hear that they are catering an event that I am at, I get really excited. Their food is top notch and their presentation makes my job shooting it even easier. The food is always nicely displayed. it is almost as if they have a stylist working on the plates before they go out. I actually think they do.

This shoot took place at their store on the post rd on the Fairfield Westport border. It is brightly lit and very comfortable. I did use some portable flash with shoot through umbrella’s to give some fill light. I also used card for reflection on the food shots. I feel everyone should have a profile photographed of their business. It presents a great opportunity to show the community what you do.

Capturing your business using a professional photographer is a very good idea. Communicate to the world what you do. Give them the behind the scenes activity and maybe even show case your team. I think people are curious of what you do, at least I am. I will often ask, what do you do? Where? and what train to the city do you take? We humans are very curious.

In these images I captured the chefs from Tavern at Gray Barns and from Terrain Garden Cafe. In each shoot portraits were taken and shots of the food as well.

Here is Chef Ben Freemole captured on location at The Gray Barns Restaurant

These are very simple images captured with a shoot through umbrella and a shallow depth of field. A lot of the shoot is making the client feel comfortable, which is something I am very good at.

Scallop Crudo at Gray Barns

The food photography was shot with a light modifier and a piece of white foam core to reflect light into the shadows.

Here is Jess Bengston Chef of Terrain Garden Cafe

I love shooting black and white as well. Most cases I will take the raw file into photoshop where I will apply a bw filter.

Jess on location at Terrain
Curried cauliflower with tomato jam

One of the best parts about photographing chefs, is that they usually let you eat the sample plates!

Project return hired me to photograph their fundraiser “gather around the table” This is my 3rd year shooting this event and I must tell you that I was very inspired by it. Project return gives homeless girls in Fairfield county a chance to live a normal life by housing them and helping them find work and mentoring them.

This event which was held at Shorehaven Golf Club in Norwalk featured 12 designers who created a table setting that over 250 women bid to win the setting. The bids are purchased during the cocktail hour and at the end of the luncheon, they raffle off the table settings. It is truly brilliant. Not only do you have a chance to win a designers table, you also get really nice take home gifts.

Consider going next year, tickets sell out quickly!

Using photography to promote, brand and market your company is a very good idea. This is in2bluedesign a company that designs pools.  this segment was photographed for Westport Lifestyle Magazine, but I think every business should hire me to photograph them. I can not think of a better way to market your business and show people what you do and what your working environment is.  I really think this interests people. These shoots are simple and straight forward with added creativity to help brand your business.


Shooting for Westport Lifestyle Magazine gives me the opportunity to meet people like owner and chef Bill Taibe and his restaurant Jesup. I get really cool assignments where I can walk in and be creative and photograph things that I love. I enjoy going into a business and basically covering all that a business has to offer. Its people, service and their product. The reason why they hired me is because I can go into a business and show through my photography what the business is all about. shooting candidly when I have to and then setting up lamps when I have to. All to showcase what the business has to offer.