Welcome to “Crafted” — one of over a dozen free, included starter designs bundled with ProPhoto. Included starter designs are saved groups of customizations you can use to help you jump start the process of you making your ProPhoto site your very own. Like all ProPhoto designs, every single aspect of it is totally customizeable: logo, background, colors, fonts, layout, and more. The rest of the posts and pages on this demo site will show you some of the features and capabilities of ProPhoto and the design elements of this particular starter design.

Jessica and Scott

Covid 19 has had such a huge effect on everyone. The wedding industry was no different. Jessica and Scott wereView full post »

Artist David Stephen Johnson

I had the opportunity to photograph a great abstract artist, David Stephen Johnson at his home. The purpose of theView full post »

Pet Portraits

With everyone or most everyone stuck at home I thought this article on photographing pets would be appropriate forView full post »

COVID-19 and the effects on my small business

It has been a rough few weeks, I must say. Since Governor Lamont deemed my business a non essential business, theView full post »

Will we ever need business cards again

I order 200 business cards every year. I really look forward to making these little works of art with all our info onView full post »

ICR Conference Photography

ICR is a strategic communications company that helps business’s with their branding, public relations andView full post »

New Restaurant Branding Photography

Yes. It is now a new decade and branding your business or re branding your business with photography is a very smartView full post »

Family Gathering at Paci

I photographed Penny’s husband last year for a business portrait and they were so happy that they hired me toView full post »

landscape design

Objective. To show newly landscaped backyard with an appealing fall setting. My job was to shoot with natural light atView full post »